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100% of those that took part in a six-week trial using the Flex Belt Ab Belt saw results. The information shows, that every one from the participants said that the Flex Belt provided the results they expected. Additionally, over 90% of which felt that the ab muscles became firmer and tighter as if that they had completed a powerful core workout. Those kinds of statistics signify that this belt is useful for you.

flex belt

Do you want to get a own Flex Belt toning system set? If that's the case, then congratulate your self on making that decision. You're going to enlist into the ranks of an incredible number of satisfied customers who have purchased their own set of the Flex Belt product. This abdominal exercise device is built to tone, flatten, and strengthen your abs to refine them in to the best form they can be. This product is actually unlike some other abdominal exercise device available today, because it is certain to give your desired results. This gives you exclusive and absolute value for your money.

buy flex belt

The Flex Belt Toning System

This patented, FDA-approved abdominal exercise tool features the effective Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), which guarantees equally transmitted muscle contraction pulses in the targeted areas. This provides your abdominals and obliques a whole and intense workout. Although it appears technical, it's easy. This is a kind of therapy utilized by physical therapists so that you can stimulate and rehabilitate patients injured muscles by utilizing electronic muscle stimulation.

Whenever you fist begin using the Flex Belt, you probably should start with all the beginners setting. Once knowledgeable about the setting, then come approximately the more intense levels. Your abdominals may get sore from your contractions during the daily 30-minute workouts, but it's not even attempt to worry about. Other ab workouts suggest doing crunches until your abs are really feeling it then completing three more. Similarly, to a typical ab workout, sore abs is simply a sign that the Flex Belt is starting to be effective its magic on your own abs. Typically after around 4-6 weeks duration of while using Flex Belt daily, you will notice changes in your abdominals. It is possible to wear all the once forgotten clothes you thought you'll never go back into. That may range from the stylish and chic clothes that did not really fit you before!

You will get the Flex Belt product through online dealers and distributors. Choose the Flex Belt set for just $199.99. Within this package, you're going to get the Flex Belt, three gel pads, the controller, so the instructions. The Slendertone Company even offers available Replacement Gel Pads for flex abdominal and gymbody Belts, such as 3 Sets or 9 pads just for $29.79. Three Slendertone Replacement Gel Pads looking for flex abdominal and gymbody Belts can be obtained for $9.77.

Additionally, other Flex Belt authorized distributors will offer you excellent price packages. Make certain your buying a genuine Flex Belt set. Take the first step to total abdominal fitness. Order your own personal pair of the Flex Belt Toning System today!